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wolfdogs need a good socialisation to become well balanced dogs. Remember the shyness is an inherit quality they got from the wolf, and is thus specific for the wolfdog. Only when you react well to the behavior of your wolfdog, they can grow up to a self-assured, stable dog, which you can take everywhere you go. People who don't want to have shy wolfdogs, can be sure there will get one. That's logicall, because those people always (unaware )will react when there dogs show any signs of shyness, giving there dogs signals that there is a reason to be shy. The wolfdog is a social dog who wants to have his place in the family. We prefer them to live in the house as a compagnion. They can give you a lot of love and are very attached to there family. You realise you get a pet with a great heart , which demands a lot of attention. Your wolfdog is a member of the family, and consequently you have to give it ample attention.

They don't like to be left alone. Some of them are real bad, and one has to take precautions if you leave them behind. there sharp wolfteath can go trough anything.If you leave the house and have to leave your wolfdog behind then you won’t be pleased to see some of you belongings destroyed. You always have to keep in mind the behaviour of your dog. If in the end something is destroyed , your wolf dog could get a hold on it, and actually it's a bit your own fault. Don't let your belongings into their reach. Sometimes getting them used young to a pen when they are young can be a great relief. Or getting a dogsit, that way you can leave everything behind with a clear mind. A wolfdog is very inventive and almost everything they want to grab , they can get a hold on. They open the microwave, Opening doors and cupboards is no challenge for them, even a round latch they can open without trouble. They are very fast and they even steal the food out of your pan while you are cooking. Almost every wolfdog owner can tell you story's about that. You have to appreciate the well considering and intelligence of the wolfdog. You look for solutions to beat the rebel, in other words, you have to be smarter than your dog! If you cannot do that, don't get a wolfdog, you will get crazy!


A wolfdog needs enough movement.Mostly it is possible to let your wolfdog run free, but keep always in mind that wolf dogs are extreme good hunters, who hunt in a group. Consider that the dogs are never under full control.Wolfdogs are in general very social dogs, aldough they can turn against strange dogs when they are in a pack, and at that moment they act as a groop. They also love to “hunt” mountainbickers. If you take them regulary for a walk, they don't need a big yard. It's also very important dough your fence is high enough. 2 to 3 meters high isn't a problem for them to take, and if they doesn't jump, they just clime over it like a cat. Digging wholes is also a specialiti .Also keep that in mind! Using a electric fence can help you a lot. You never will have a nice lawn, and many beautifull plants in your garden.


Wolfdogs can have a bad moulting-time . It's a battle one cannot win. You're covered with hair, and each time you clean up the floor, the next flocks of fur are wayting to make there entry.

(this is from 1 grooming )


With a proper training, one can get a reasonable obedience. Never put pressure on your wolfdog ,The inevitable result will be that they will do nothing anymore for you. With a lot of patience you can do obedience, agility and so.Always work with a wolfdog for the pleasur. It's a matter of proper handling. If you are curious how far you can get with your wolfdog, then you must be willing to search the best instructors for the job. However do stay alert, and make sure that nobody will do anything that could hurt the confidence of your dog. There are a lot of people who say they are wolf experts. Irreparable things happen in a very short moment. I myself have worked with 2 Saarloos wolfdogs in a search and rescue groop. One of them even got to level 1, but one will never get to do the “real work” with them.





Some wolfdog puppy’s can be very focused on food. It’s very important to give them their food out of your hands, and hold the bone you give them while they are chewing it, so they can learn your appearance is no threat .
When they grow up with kids, They are incredible patient and lovely with them. But like with any other breed, never leave kids alone with your dog(s)!
Be aware that many people still are afraid of the “big bad wolf”, and even dough nothing happens, people will react out of proportions just because it involves wolfdogs. Never profocate an event what can cause you trouble later on
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Why take a wolf dog? Many people are fascinated by wolves. These magnificent creatures appeal to everybody's imagination. The grace of there movements, there dissolute songs who impress there minds, the way they communicate makes them chosen ones in nature for the ones who love them. And that's where they belong, in the nature. For those who want to get a bit of there nature in house, the wolf dog is a gods blessing. On this page, you can  check out if you could  be happy living with a wolf dog.